Friday, 17 June 2011

‎06-17-11 #Homs #Syria This man risks his life to capture these images for the world to see, This is the #Syrian #Baath government

June 17 - Demonstrations in Syria's Cities

-Idlib:A huge demonstration supports Ma'arat Alna'aman and demands that the regime step down.
-Aleppo: Demonstration in Saif Aldawla and Salah-Eddin demand that the regime step down.

-Horan Nuwa: A demonstration headed out from Almahmadi Mosque, but the security forces broke it up with their shooting. However, the people are now gathering again.
-Damascus Jober: Demonstrations continue and the people demand that the regime step down.
-Damascus: Thousands are gathered at Aldaba Square in Alqadam to demand freedom and the regime to step down.

-Damascus Rikn Aldeen: Security forces and regime thugs attack the demonstrators and many are wounded while others are arrested
-Damascus Suburbs: Large demonstrations in Saqba, Hamuria, Kefrbatna, and Jisrain head towards Alkarkun Square in Kefrbatna.
-Damascus: A large demonstration in Al Kusswa
-Latakia: A demonstration in Alqusur demands that the regime step down, and the security forces try to repress it.
-Homs: A large demonstration gathers in front of the ambassadors hotel in Homs.
-and other cities, Hama, Baynass,Jablaa,Dier Al Zouier,AbuKamal

Security forces and thugs open fie on protesters today, June 17, in #AlBokamal. The murder of peaceful protesters needs to end!

‎#Houran chants, "Oh #Daraa, we are with you until death," on Friday, June 17. God give strength and victory to all the brave cities and towns protest